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Accounts Receivable Collections

  • Daily Cash Application.
  • Process customers credit or e-check payments.
  • Review and process credit memos and overcharge claims.
  • Account reconciliation.
  • Review unapplied cash report and apply appropriately.
  • Daily collection calls in order to meet current goals and metrics.
  • Collaborate with sales representatives to improve collections and customer knowledge of credit, billing, collection policy in order to maintain healthy working relationship between client and customer.
  • Review rejected invoices for validity.
  • Document interaction with customers.
  • Identify collection problems and recommend corrective solutions.
  • Prepare and maintain collection demand letters.
  • Oversee the handling of customer credit hols/ freight liens until account status has been satisfied.
  • Assist and resolve collection demand letters.
  • Billing collections.
  • Master account set-up. 
  • E-billing/ EDI set-up and management.

Accounts Payable Management

  • Review all invoices. Audit and process credit card bills.
  • Prioritize invoices according to payment terms.
  • Respond to all vendor inquiries. 
  • Reconcile vendor statements, review and correct discrepancies.
  • Clarify any questionable invoice items.
  • Maintain files and documentation thoroughly and accurately. 
  • Review invoices for satisfactory payment approval.
  • Process check requests.
  • Assemble invoices to be completed for payment approval.
  • Process check requests.
  • Assemble invoices to be completed for payment. 
  • Match invoices to checks, obtain all signatures for checks and distribute checks accordingly.
  • Assist with month end closing procedures.

Freight Billing & Audit

Our experienced billing agents will assist in the daily freight billing process, via remote access as-well-as manual direct billing.

All bill of ladings are carefully examined and the data is entered into your systems required fields for the purpose of generating a delivery receipt.

  • Shippier /Consignee / Third party debtor.
  • Delivery terms – P / C / 7.
  • Shippers Number / Purchase order.
  • COD (If applicable), biller will verify terms such as check, certified funds, cash or money order is required.
  • Pick-up driver number.
  • Apply special rates or accessorial fees.
  • Piece count, pallet count, product description, classification.
  • Note special handling or required equipment or services needed at time of delivery.
  • Account “credit hold” notification alerts are emailed to originating and delivery terminal dispatchers, customer services, and account receivable alerting them that a shipment hold is present and should not be delivered until further notice from management.
  • Notify cargo checkers of any shipment with questionable discrepancieson shippers bill of ladings. 

Claims Processing

  • Evaluate claims as assigned and determine best approach for resolution.
  • Research and evaluate and make decision within the bounds of carrrier’s contract of carriage, service agreement and other applicable contracts.
  • Systematic and periodic follow usps with relevant parties until claims are resolved.
  • Obtain recoveries from responsible parties in a timely manner. 
  • Complete and accurately file maintenance, including but not limited to policy files, branch files, computer files, correspondence, and tele-communications. 
  • Identification of opportunities for process improvements. Make recommendations on disputed high exposure claims. 
  • Negotiate settlement claims. 

Tariff Entry & Maintenance

  • Enter and maintain customer rate files to ensure billing accuracy.
  • Enter and maintain customer / client fuel tables
  • Provides weekly FSC updates based on EIA data. 


  • Documenting every financial transaction (payments and expenses).
  • Recording all debits and credits.
  • Sending invoices and processing payments.
  • Preparing financial statements (balance sheet, income and cash flow).
  • Maintaining and balancing a general ledger.
  • Conducting daily banking activities.
  • Completing payroll functions.

Owner-Op Solutions

  • DOT Compliance.
  • Bookkeeping.
  • Fleet management services.
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