Freight Billing & Audit

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Freight Billing Specialist

Our experienced billing agents will assist in the daily freight billing process, via a remote access. We also offer manual direct billing, if needed.

All bill of ladings are carefully examined and the data is entered into your systems required fields for the purpose of generating a delivery receipt.[/vc_column_text][vc_mad_info_list title_font_size=”32″ type=”type-5″]

  • Shipper / Consignee / Third Party Debtor
  • Delivery Terms – P/ C/ 7
  • Shippers Number / Purchase Order number
  • COD (if applicable), biller will verify terms such as check, certified funds, cash, or money order is required.
  • Pick-up driver employee number (if required)
  • Apply special rate or accessorial fees (if present)
  • Piece count, pallet count, product description, classification
  • Notate special handling, or required equipment or services needed at time of delivery.
  • Account “credit Hold” notification alerts are emailed to originating and delivery terminal dispatchers, customer service, and account receivable alerting them that a shipment hold is present and should not be delivered until further notice from management.
  • Notify cargo checkers of any shipment with questionable discrepancies on Shippers Bill of Lading.

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